Welcome to Espavo


Welcome to Espavo

Barbara, Myself, the Board of Directors and the entire staff welcomes you.  We hope that you find an empowering experience of family here.  If you are returning. . . Welcome Home.

The word ESPAVO came from an early series of channels from the group known as The Amor Stories. Amor, a young man emerging into manhood in the final days of Lemuria was given a gift of this word and was asked to bring the word back into use. The word Espavo originated in the earliest days of Lemuria when  life was simple and people were deeply connected. The word was used as a greeting similar to hello and goodbye, much like Aloha or Ciao.  Translated into today’s language it mean “Thank You for Taking Your Power.” We have entered the Age of Empowerment and our work is designed to help you re-member your own power. In these transitionairy times on Earth we need all of us.

We have built an experience here for you to re-member your power and are very happy that you have joined us.  Below are points that you may find helpful on how to get the most out of the teachings from the group.

Espavo and Welcome Home

Steve Rother
Spokesman for the group