“We All Go or No One Goes” – The group

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…more testimonials:

Have experienced Day 2 and 3, and my expectations have been exceeded! Awesome, already these tools are helping me. Was on the street today and beginning to feel skittish around the rush hour traffic and people, and was able to transcend! Also huge reduction of hot flashes that come with anxiety and palpitations. Wow! Much gratitude to Merlia and the whole Team at Espavo. – Hellen for Transcendence 2

Wow! This course is a life changing experience. Very Highly recommend for anyone considering jumping in! – Alaya for Conscious Ascension

What a Magnificent Opportunity LightMasters is. I thought I was joining to be of service to the earth, people, etc. But even more, what I found is that Steve and the Group and fellow LightMasters have been of significant service to ME! I can see the changes in myself over the past year, and wish everyone could participate in this beautiful gathering of spirits. Each week offers another amazing adventure into subjects I am fascinated with – along with frequent activations and touching in with like-minded hearts. I set aside each Thursday morning with great anticipation of the class to come. This is where I was meant to be – and I am grateful for these teachings and the facebook groups that allow me to share with others – from all over the globe! It gives me a true sense of one-ness with people I would not otherwise be able to connect with. What a blessing LightMasters is. Much love, – May

My name is Jacoba Akazawa and I live in Kyoto, Japan. It has been an amazing ride for me this year, so many things have happened.. Thank you so much Steve for being the go between and creating this miraculous web of shining  lights around the globe.. In fact Steve, the work you and Barbara have achieved so far has kept me going for so many years now and I am now looking forward to the future 🙂  Thank you. – Jacoba

Your information was just what I needed. I was a little hesitant to try something new, but I am so happy to have taken your course online. Much Thanks for what you do. – Brian

Thank you Steve and The Group from my most humble heart for my reading of Personal Session with you and The Group today. It will all take a while to sink in I know, my searching and waiting for the right person and the right reading was worth all these years as I have wanted to speak with Spirit. – Suzie

I have always enjoyed your work and now since I spent the 12-12-12 event with you, I feel very connected to all that you are helping us to remember. Love Elrah, the Time Keeper and the group! Thank you for any insights you might share with me. I appreciate you! – Juliet

I would just like to heartfully thank Steve, Barbara and all who are instrumental in bringing forward to these wonderful channellings. For us to take this knowledge into our own hearts and re-member who we truly are. We do forget so very easily, but each month we re-reminded by Spirit just how brightly we all shine. We are honored by The Group……thank you, thank you all. – Carmen

Thank you so much for this information. I will take it in use immediately. Love and greetings from Holland. – Zoiac

I love the online courses you are providing. I found them every easy to understand with such a powerful message. Thanks again. – Mark

Thank you for yesterdays “thought of day” on expectations It was a break thru for me. – Barbara Sue Smith

If you are ‘sitting on the fence’ like I was 3 years ago as whether or not to join LightMasters, don’t! I have been given so much information and techniques as how to nurture myself and utilize my energies to help those around me. I truly don’t know where my head would have been the past few years without this course. I am now in my passion and loving it! – Yvonne

Following the LightMaster courses from Steve allow me to strengthen myself. I become more flexible towards the world around me and I am more able to provide accurate answers to my environment. This allow me also to have a more indepth reflection on the world around me. Steve and the Group helps me becoming a better person, for myself, for people around me and for Mother Earth in general. – Jean-Philippe

I feel a part of this wonderful Family of E now more than ever after taking the Lightmaster course.  It is indeed a priviledge to be able to assist Mother Earth in her transition in this way.  Many thanks and many blessings, – Liz

Thank you for giving us such beautiful courses of “Transcendence” and “Conscious Ascension”, and of course this “LightMaster Course” during a period of this massive change.  I am also looking forward to seeing the lightmasters at the Earth Summit in Sedona. You and the group’s energy help me stabilize and let me concentrate on who I am. – Emiko

Wow !!! And more Wow! Thank you so much Steve, Barbara and everyone else involved in Paths 2 Empowerment & Espavo.org for creating the space and the possibility for such incredible information and abundance of support and energies for us. I am blown away by the appropriateness of these messages. I feel supported and blessed. Thank you for your love and courage. I honour you. – Sue

The most important message I received from the group in the private session I had with Steve was that I have to trust my own gut feeling more. I need to have more confidence and trust in the path I’m taking. Thank The Group and all of you! – Li

LightMaster 317 was the most powerful and inspirational message I have ever experienced. I cannot wait for 2015, I feel it is going to be a blowout year. I am truly grateful for our journey together.  Thank you – John

Thank you for your warm message. I felt so good to see the picture of you. I feel totally new energy. Thank you for coming back and I hope to see you in person in Holland in the future. -Yvonne

Barbara, Thank you for sharing such a wonderful, tender story. Its is so important to remember to always be in the now. We should be free of stress altogether. Love you both in a very simple way. Thanks you.  – Biby

Dear Lightworkers, Thank you very much for spreading beautiful knowledge around the world! – Maia

I met Steve 9 years ago during a private session. He gave me several predictions which were hard to believe that time but all have came true! Also that I would meet a new partner in Very short time. I Did and I am still together with this partner. Thank you! – Edith

I must truly be Home here.  I was called to this wonderful place/website just last summer while looking into why I may be experiencing some symptoms that were happening to me.. Although I believe I had been Awakening in small pieces these were very Profound and couldn’t be ignored.. A Wake Up Call. Although I go through periods of times that I don’t feel the need to check in, whenever I visit here there is always something that tells me this is Home. It is usually a sentence that is worded almost exactly in a way that I have either said to myself, asked, or just felt.. One time it was “Putting a Crystal on your path..” Well, my Son is Spirituality Autistic and I’ve always thought of him as a “Crystal” Child, also I was just beginning to learn about the healing properties of Crystal’s and stones and such. There have been more Re-member points, but this time in each post there was a sentience that I feel I know already if that makes sense.. The puzzle piece though was very Profound as I used to love puzzles as a child and they were one of my families weekly time together, lol. We had “Puzzle” Night. Then of course with my son and the autism Puzzle piece.. I know it’s more of course. He is who we are supposed to be, in my heart at least. I felt that it was important to share this comment so I hope it must hold significance to others as well. Thank you for being here and slowing me to find a little part of Home again. With Love and light, – Atreea

When I listen to Steve and the group, I feel respected and empowered. I know that the information is available, and I decide when and how I process it and include it in my life.  The group’s messages are always loving and considerate. We are a team, the lightmasters and the group. The fact that I have been studying with teachers from the other side of the veil has helped me gain more confidence in times of trouble. There is life on many levels, in many dimensions. There are lightmasters on many levels and in many dimensions. Espavo. –Eva

Thank you again for all your hard work with these helpful video activations you offer. I look forward to the next class. – Alice

I wanted to personally Thank you All for your excellent guided meditations and very helpful video activation / channelings. I love this part! Very Effective! Thank you again. – Mark

Thank you Steve, Barbara and the team. Wow! This was a very emotional segment for me and I thank you for sharing. – Nancy

Steve – you get clearer and clearer every time I see you and Barbara. You are both glowing with radiant beauty and health! – Martha

The latest channeling above is very clear and beautiful. Thank you. My love to you all. – Elis