Earth Summit 2017 – The Family of Empowerment Gathers to Assist the Earth and Raise the Human Vibration

Earth Summit 2017 – The Family of Empowerment Gathers to Assist the Earth and Raise the Human Vibration

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October 19-22, Sedona, Arizona / In person event

In the May 2017 VirtualLight Broadcast the group delivered a sobering message about the future of Humanity and our Earth. (You can reference it here it begins at 2hrs and 44 minutes). Based upon comments that flooded in afterwards, the message shook many to their core.

Based upon the channel and the reactions in stirred, we created a two-day, online event titled “The Earth 2017”. During this event the group expanded on their message in the VirtualLight Broadcast and detailed what we as a collective are facing on both the physical and spiritual levels.

They feel that the work we have ahead of us is so special and sacred that we need to gather in person. Therefore, we have arranged a four-day in person event in one of the Earth’s most powerful and sacred vortexes, Sedona, Arizona.

We will begin by recapping what was covered in “The Earth 2017” online event, it is not a pre-requisite to attending this in-person event, but we do recommend that you view it if you can. It includes focus work that you can do leading up to the event in October.

Then we will dive deeply into the sacred work we incarnated at this time to do. We will assist the Earth in her transition, and all of Humanity in raising their conscious vibration, and and learn how to move into our LightBodies at will.

This work is truly a calling for those who are choosing to be a part of a sacred process. For those who we call “The Family of Empowerment”, the 1% of humanity the group says are on the planet right now, ready to activate and initiate their sacred contracts.

The group spoke about four energy waves entering the Earth in 2017. We will work with the fourth wave directly as it occurs on October 22, the last day of the conference.

This work is deep and profound. First we will work with you personally, then we will work collective with Mother Earth.

This is why you came….

And if this resounds deeply in your heart, you will be there.

This gathering will be intimate and personal, limited to only 70. Please do not wait to reserve your space.

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  1. Hi Carolyn,
    I have a room share list that I can add you to but I don’t have any offers for anyone to share a room without shared cost.
    I hope all will work out for you to be there.

  2. I am registered, have plane tickets, but needing a miracle to get a room (or share a room?). I Completely Surrender to what Unfolds as I live in Deep Trust Within, but felt compelled to send this email out to inform ya’ll of my situation. My Soul Called me to this…Another Undeniable Event for My BEing and so here I am again in Service as I continue to Heal me and so Heal All. Truly am Open to my Next Step as This is Done and I Let Go After this. Ultimately, I Trust in My Hearts’ Voice which says YES, but the How? I am not Receiving at this time.

  3. Hi Susana,

    I sent an email out to all the participants directing you to your special access page which holds much information about the event including the schedule.

    Can you check your spam folder?
    I will send it to you again right now…and if you do not receive it again, please email me directly to and I will copy and paste it into a reply. That usually works around any provider blocking issues.
    Thank you,

  4. Hi Meg , I need to know the schedule since I would be flying from Miami and I need to make several arrangements before i signed up for the seminar. Please let me know time it stars and finish
    thank you


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