Lifeus Interruptus

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The group has spoken a lot recently about four major energetic waves that will sweep across the planet this year. We’re now seeing how important it is that we nurture ourselves in between. They know that most Lightworker’s on the planet are approaching a state of exhaustion. Being a Lightworker, you are  likely an extremely sensitive and empathic person, wired to be of service to your community and the collective, who can no longer run the world’s collective energy through your personal energy fields without paying a very large and energetically draining price for it.

In this two day nurturing experience, the group will address this, take you through a rhythmic healing process that takes you back to your original reset point, before you entered this incarnation, and help you to reset yourself, so that you can do your work in the world, without carrying the energy of the world. You will attune your gifts, but most importantly, you will be spiritually and energetically nourished and nurtured, so that you are recharged to be here at this time doing your special work. Both a reset and a reconnection.

Due to the content of this event, we are including the downloads so that you may return to the nurturing journey as often as you need it.





  1. OH Yes, there is so much spinning around on the p!anet it is hard to stay in the center of the storm. A gentle touch, a hartwarming smile, a lightbeam in the eyes of someone helps us through these changes. And a beacon of light of the Group shines on our pad…

  2. I sigh with relief from watching this inspiring video. My Spirit is definitely calling out for a reset! Thank you All for providing this opportunity to heal with the wonder of Love!


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