Entraining Light – March 9, 16, 20 & 21

Entraining Light

Advanced Training in Lightwork

March 9, 16, 20 & 21

Finding Opportunity in “Chaos”

One expected consequence of having shifted to the 5th dimension is that our 3rd dimension tools no longer seem to work. Many of us feel that we’ve lost a bit of our magic. The tools we used to rely upon no longer have the spark they used to. In a world inundated with raging storms of chaos, we feel lost without a paddle.

The group wants to give us a new “paddle”, one that will not only enable us to navigate through the chaos, but to find opportunity amidst it. This new “paddle” is Entraining Light.

The concept of entrainment is not new. There are references to it in many areas of physics, including metaphysics. But the group wants to take it to a whole new level. Whereas most mention of entrainment in metaphysics involves synchronicity between the head and heart, the group wants to teach you to synchronize our vibrations to the chaos itself. This overcomes the misalignments between our vibrations and those of what we perceive as chaos. They say that when you can accomplish this, you can see perfect order in what only appears to be “chaos”. This then allows you to identify opportunities and make the adjustments necessary to take advantage of them.

During this 4 day series you will learn:

  • What is Entrainment, from a physics and metaphysics perspective
  • How to consciously use Entrainment to see the hidden perfection in the world around us
  • To view the seeming “chaos” in the world from a different perspective to understand what is really happening
  • How to Entrain our minds and perspective in order to spot opportunities within the “chaos”, and adjust our rhythm accordingly

Why do all the above matter?

  • You can learn to create a new reality for yourself in the 5th dimension, and recapture your magic
  • read that last one again…

We each signed on to be here right now, because if you didn’t you wouldn’t be. Now its time to release the fear of the world around us and remember what we once knew when we were on the other side of the veil. The group wants to teach us how to shift our perspective to see what is “real” and “unreal” in the reality we are currently living. A peeling back of the layers of illusion if you will, and you are ready, to become conscious creators along the ascension path. Learning to hear the global news and have the courage to change your perspective and entrain light, living an alternate reality consisting of your truth and ability to see and create not only beauty and safety around you but excitement and anticipation…

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  1. Hi Dagmar,
    Yes this was originally scheduled for this week but we moved it. It’s been too intense with Transcendence and Feminine energies on the planet. Steve and the group decided to extend this unti February. It’s an advanced training and they wanted to put a little space in between the two teachings. New dates are listed on the product and registration is open but we won’t start until Feb 9.

  2. thank you especially for opportunity to listen as my dear old eyes are getting painful with straining.
    I have had an interesting time trying to clear some of those painful experiences and am getting annoyed that they still return. Wish the journey wasn;t quite so testing


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