Beacons of Light

The Beacons of Light – Re-minders from Home

from the group with love.



December 2017
~ A Higher View ~
20 Years Ahead and the Equality of Multidimensionality
November 2017
Travelers in Time
October 2017
The Transition Experts
From the Scientist of the Heart
  September 2017
A New Cycle
Contracts of the Heart –Noranna and Nikoliah

  August 2017
Crystals on the Path
Planting the Seeds of Light

  July 2017
A Call to Re-member
Awakening Your Perfect Self
 June 2017
Transitioning into Spiritual Mastery
May 2017
April 2017
Do Something Different
March 2017
Triality Focus
  February 2017
Awakening the Feminine
  January 2017
Four Big Shifts of 2017


 December 2016
The Recessional Wave
 November 2016
The Right Turn
 October 2016
Memories from Home
September 2016
Riding the Wave into 2017
A New Place for Humans to Go

August 2016
Take Responsibility
for your Happiness

July 2016
Puzzle Piece
Place Your Piece on the Puzzle on the Game board

June 2016
Update for Planet Earth
Overview for Lightworkers

May 2016
90 Day Re-membering
Re-Union with Self

 April 2016
Out of the Wave
Stepping out of Reaction

 March 2016
A Call for the Family of E
Lightworkers Unite!

February 2016
Practicing Humanness
Changing the World with Love

January 2016
Day of the Conscious Creator
A New Balance Between Spirit and Human


 December 2015
Fulfilling the Vacancy of Light
A Time of HOPE

 November 2015
Multidimensional Choice
What Happens When I Choose?
October 2015
The Age of Three’s
New Rhythms of Triality
September 2015
Get On With It
The Great Frustration

August 2015
Remembering Your Tone
Expressing the Memories from Home

July 2015
Subtle Influences
The Dwarf Planets Ceres and Pluto

June 2015
The Time of Love
Energy Exchange

May 2015
Music from Home
The Rhythms of Life

April 2015
The Blending of Dimensional Realities
The Orthogonal Matrix

 March 2015
Fifteen Minutes of Magic
Re-membering Your Power

February 2015
The Job of Lightworkers
Transmuting Fear into Love

January 2015
Re-membering Your Magic
Awakening the Inner Wizard